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BUS 520 Assignment 3: Teamwork and Motivation




One of the key ways to keep employees engaged and satisfied at their place of employment is through motivation. Money does not keep employees happy or motivated while at work. Being the owner of Woo Woo manufacturing company there are many different salary ranges as well as a variety of ways to motivate employees at work. Being able to motivate a team is very important in the manufacturing industry this day in time. The plan for motivation within this company is to determine a way to maintain the high levels of productivity, job satisfaction within each department and, how to keep the department change of people at a low rate.;In order to keep the turnover rate low, high levels of productivity as well as high work quality satisfaction on the job is the key. ?An individual?s reaction to the job experience? (Berry, 1991) is job satisfaction. There are many contributing factors in order to have satisfaction on the job. Some of them are as follows;Is the work fulfilling?;Is supervision good?;Worker types and relationships;Opportunities for promotions and acknowledgement;Salary of each employee;When reviewing each of these factors of satisfaction on the job it is very important to examine each department separately because each department has needs of their own.;The job of sales can be a job that is very tedious therefore someone that can handle rejection well would have to be placed in this position. Because this is a job that is hard there are special rules put in place in order to make this sales team satisfied. Since the job in sales is not consistently fulfilling this part of job satisfaction has to come from within other departments. Supervision in this area is not tight or micro-managed however if there is a need for the sales;team they


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