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Finding the Leader in you: Self-Assessment/Johari Window




There are many different ways to develop and construct a personality profile. From a perspective that is general, Rouse, M. (2009) refers to the definition that states that the profile of one?s personality is a knowledge management tool that is used to provide an evaluation of one?s personal attributes, values, and skills of life in an effort to increase ones performance on the job and their contribution to the company. The assessments that I took in week one confirmed some of the things that I knew about my personality and brought to light some of the traits that I did not openly see about how I resolved conflict.;In establishing my basic characteristic and personality traits profile I discovered that I am very strong and a definite decision maker. I am assertive and social even though I am not an extrovert. I know this is a contradiction and in spite of that I did discover many times I am between both traits. I found that I am not so trusting even though I am easily pleased and cooperative. I also tend to worry however, I am dependable, responsible, relaxed, secure and persistent. Openness to experience is also within my personality, on the other hand, I am cautious. (Levine, 1993);The manager of the 21st century assessment ?suggests a self-profile of your management foundations PMF?. (Hirschberg, 1998) When I completed this assessment my PMF score was 8.5 and this told me that I have a need that is ongoing, to continuously strengthen and improve my foundation as a manager. My weakness in this area is that when it comes to decision making I am very inconsistent


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