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BELOW are the students comments to be answer and are based on the main discussions I did below. Please see below the main discussions at the end of students comments.;These are only comments from students to be answer. There is no minimum or maximum words count, just answer correctly, precise and concise.;DISCUSSIONS: (A, B & C);A) FROM REBECCA;Liz;I really enjoyed reading your posts throughout the class. I agree that both Apple and Samsung have done their best to gain a competitive advantage. Samsung though has done more to attempt to gain the competitive advantage by not investing in a secretive strategy. In regards to the challenges of strategic management overall, those are just a few and there are many more out there. Blackberry, for example, has become something of a dinosaur when compared to its competition and they just couldn?t keep up which is another example, this time of management which can not, for whatever reasons, improve the product to make it more marketable. This has just been my opinion on this subject and I don?t expect anyone else to agree to it.;B) FROM ALHASSAN;Great post Liz. Indeed globalization should be a great challenge and need to be taken very important in strategic management. Globalization has really increased the level of competition in the industry. Nowadays inflation is seriously affecting business companies and these companies needs to think about it as it is affecting the minds and wills of customers.;C) FROM DR. WHITE;Good post Liz especially in comparing iPhone and Samsung, with iPhone choosing to use a secretive strategy it limits them in their innovation processes whereas Samsung having both horizontal and vertical strategic endeavors could reflect in a more positive ?bottom line?.;MY MAIN DISCUSSION FOR BUS 599;Strategic Management;Based on what you have learned in this course, select two (2) companies from any industry of your choice, and compare their business models. Analyze the manner in which the set of strategies that each company pursues enables it to gain a competitive advantage.;A business model is an approach in which a company generates revenue and creates value for itself. The company that I would select is Apple and Samsung. These are companies that operate in smartphone and mobile communications industry. Apple Inc has an effective business model that has enabled it to generate substantial revenue for itself. The company invests in a secretive strategy that has been essential for product differentiation. For example, the iPhone brand of the company has a unique operating system that may not be found in other companies? mobile phone. In addition, the company develops unique app for its products. On the other hand, Samsung has diversified its operations investing in a wide range of products including smartphones and other electronics. The company has also engaged in vertical and horizontal integration in order to maximize its profitability. For example, the company?s smartphones uses the android operating system that is owned by Google Affiliate Company.;Based on what you have learned in this course, determine three to five (3-5) fundamental challenges of strategic management overall. Support your position with at least two (2) examples of the challenges in question from industry.;With respect to the lessons learned in this course, there are various fundamental challenges of strategic management. First, globalization is a fundamental challenge of strategic management. The market has been opened up, and there is penetration of companies into the domestic market. This has increased the level of competition in the industry. For example, BlackBerry, which is manufactured by an American company, has lost a large market share due to penetration of Samsung, South Korean company, into the American market. Next, the volatile world economy is a fundamental challenge of strategic management. Inflation and inflationary pressures have affected the long term planning of companies. For example, the general increase in the price of the ram material has affected the final pricing of the products, consequently, having an impact on the sales of the companies in the industry. Finally, changing environment of government regulations and legislation is a challenge for strategic management. The strategic mangers have to set up plans in line with the regulations or risk violating the law. This may be a hindrance to innovation. For example, patent laws affect the ability of any company to improve on ideas generated by competitors.;References;Amit, R., & Zott, C. (2012). Creating value through business model innovation. MIT Sloan Management Review, 53(3), 41-49.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: These are only comments from students to be answer. There is no minimum or maximum words count, just answer correctly, precise and concise.


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