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BUS 610 WK3 DQ1 Explain the dynamics of how self esteem affects self efficacy ?.. 340 words (A+ Answer or MONEYBACK GUARANTEED!)




Self esteem is a concept that refers to a person?s overall evaluation of himself. It is an appraisal of one?s own worth. It is the opinion one has about himself. On the other hand, Self efficacy is an assessment of an individual about his ability to perform a task or face a situation. In fact, self efficacy is a strong belief in your own ability to do succeed against all odds, so we can say that. Self esteem is a permanent internal feeling while self efficacy is a feeling that depends upon the performance at hand. People having high self esteem believe that they are reliable, good, hardworking, friendly and honest to others. if a person has high self esteem than there are chances that, he do have high self efficacy. Both the terms are directly proportional to each other. A person may have particular skill to complete a particular


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