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BUS 610 Week 5 ? DQ 2 ? Describe the evolution of the virtual organization ?.. A+ Answer or MONEYBACK GUARANTEED!




With the advent of globalization, the way of operating of organizations has also changed. Virtual organization refers to the organization which has its employees working for the common goal and is geographically apart, they usually work and communicate through emails, and other tools of the computer networks. In such organizations there is no single leader, and a person oversees the operations collectively. Various technological devises and concepts that have had a great impact on virtual organization are;More and more usage of internet which has made the communication much faster and efficient.;Development of project management techniques which has facilitated the working of such organizations.;3. The need to employ the global talent.;Evolution of virtual organization;Virtual organization has been evolved as a result of the development of internet and dependency of businesses on this. The need to satisfy the needs of global customers, competing on the global level, employing the global talent


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