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BUS 610 Week 5 ? DQ 1 ? Describe how nonverbal feedback conveys powerful messages ?.. A+ Answer or MONEYBACK GUARANTEED!




There are many cases where non verbal feedback conveys powerful messages as compared to verbal feedback and often referred as wordless feedback or feedback without words It includes the feedback to the receiver through the body language, posture, facial expressions, gestures, etc. For instance, the way a person sits, makes eye contact and listen to the individual are the part of non verbal feedback, which helps in determining his level of interest and understanding of the message being transferred. In order to make the feedback that have an impact, non verbal cues should match with the verbal communication. For example, the employee submits a report to the senior and the senior appraises the report by saying that the report is well written, understandable and had clear points. This feedback can be better when the senior happily says, ?Good Report? with all the positive non verbal language. Another example can be


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