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About 50% of the sample were born in the fall, while 25%




The analysis for each of the proceeding questions are as follows. Is the analysis appropriate for the scale used?;a. About 50% of the sample were born in the fall, while 25% of the sample were born in the spring, and the remaining 25% were born in the winter. It can be concluded that the fall is twice as popular as the spring.;b. The average income is $25,000. There are twice as many individuals with an income of less than $9,999 than indiviuals with an income of $40,000 and over.;c. Marlboro is the most preferred brand. The mean preference is 3.52;d. The median time spent on traveling to school is 8.5 minutes. There are 3 times as many respondents traveling less than 5 minutes as respondents traveling 16 to 20 minutes.;e. The average satisfaction score is 4.5, which seems to indicate a high level of satisfication with Newsweek mag.;f. Ten percent of the respondents smoke less than one half pack of cigs a day, while 3 times as many respondents smoke more than a pack a day;g. Sales management is the most frequently taken course, since the median is 3.2.;h. The responses indicate that 40% of the sample have some high school education, 25% of the sample are high school graduates. 20% have some college education, and 10% are college grads. The mean education level is 2.6


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