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Dove?s competition position prior to re-launch




1. What was Dove?s competition position prior to re-launch, as well as the success of 2004 re-launch? How does the brand seem to be doing in this market?;2. What elements of consumer behavior are peculiar to the industry?;3. What evidence does Dove have that suggests the importance and potential success for its value-driven positioning? What trends support this positioning?;4. What were the objectives of the ?Campaign for Real Beauty? and why do you think Dove chose the press, the print ads and the billboards as leading media for their communication strategy?;5. What does the ?Campaign for Real Beauty? mean to Dove as a brand within the Unilever company? What other products and;activities have Unilever initiated? What consequences should be taken into consideration?;Cone Marketing;Cone is a nationally recognized cause marketing company out of Boston that I think may offer you some ideas on how to proceed with your final project. If you review some of their products, serivces, and press releases you will see how companies use cause marketing as a key way to engage with different groups of stakeholders. Let me know if you have any questions.;Click link to open resource.;Dove Case Supporting Video;Please watch this short video as part of the Dove Case assignment.;Click link to open resource.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Max Pages: 5;Level of Detail: Show all work


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