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Young Adulthood growth through middle childhood to adolescence-cognitive, socioemotional, and physical




Child and Adolescent Development;A child has many milestones to reach through adolescence. The success of these milestones depends on normal development. Milestones can be challenging regardless of age and size. However, some children experience abnormal development and also delays. Detecting signs of abnormal development in certain age groups requires an understanding of development milestones. Children ages two through five and subsequently fifteen through eighteen years old experience many different growth patterns. The analysis of these groups focuses on the biological, cognitive, and psychosocial changes is beneficial when seeking to understand the progressive challenges of transition from childhood to adolescence.;Most parents follow a routine scheduled check-up with a pediatrician to chart the details of a child?s growth and development. A child?s growth refers to the age, size, and weight. Child development is the ability of a child to be able to do more complex things as growth progresses (WebMD, 2011).


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