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Influence Of Childhood And Adolescent Relationships On Adult Relationships




Influence Of Childhood And Adolescent Relationships On Adult Relationships;Bowlby suggests that there is a direct link between childhood relationships and adult relationships. He suggested that individuals develop an internal working model of the self in relationship to the primary attachment figure, based in early experiences. The internal models influence the child?s expectations about future relationships. Adult relationships are likely to reflect early attachment styles. (secure or insecure);This was illustrated in the ?love-quiz? experiment by Hazan and Shaver (1987). They conducted a study where they collected information from people about their early attachment experiences and their current romantic attitudes and experiences. They found that people who were securely attached, as infants, tended to have happy and lasting love relationships in adulthood. These people also believed that love was both enduring and based on mutual trust. Insecure types, on the other hand, found adult relationships more difficult, were more likely


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