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Childhood and Adolescent Research




Childhood and Adolescent Research;Psychology 104;???????????;The study of children from infancy to adolescents has been a study that has been ongoing for years. Three theorists, Jean Piaget, Erik Erickson, and Sigmund Freud, share their theories of child development and each have a different view of how children grow. We were all children and adolescents before, it is interesting to research children and adolescents and see the many theories that were made, as well as apply each theory into your own personal life.;Physical development generally means the maturational growth that is determined by genetics (Mossler, 2011). Sigmund Freud states that children go through psychosexual stages, oral, anal, phallic, latency period and genital stage. Oral stage happens from birth to one and a half (1 ?) years of age, children at this age are focusing on sucking, biting, and chewing, in this age children are growing teeth and in


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