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University of Phoenix CIS 105 Week 8 Cyber Security




Computers can benefit from having an all-in-one security system installed because it can protect personal data from being compromised or released into the Internet. By having one software in place, the computer is protected not only by those security measures mentioned above, but by also having the ability to back up data, manage your network, clean up hard drive space, full tech support, virus and identity protection. Some All-in-One products are designed for families, others for individuals or businesses. It is up to the user to find the right product for them. Below are two examples of All-In-One products that will benefit your computer.;The Norton 360 All-in-One Suite is a great tool in combining security with remote access to online files. This product can protect your computer from viruses, gives advanced Internet protection, secure online backups and allows phones and tablets with the same anti-theft safeguards.


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