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Week 4: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Description and Benefits CIS/207 Information Systems Fundamentals




Microsoft Dynamics CRM Description and Benefits;Riordan Manufacturing has a large problem when it comes to inventory and customer orders. Because Riordan has offices both in the United States and in China, it faces a number of obstacles both in the logistics of inventory control and the need for accurate customer order management.;Riordan Manufacturing should switch to using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Customer Relationship Management program that focuses on customer records, sales, marketing, help desk, inventory and customer order management, make financial data available for planning and regulatory compliance, automate routine functions so employees can focus on critical tasks, help minimize the costs and complexities of administering salaries, benefits recruiting and performance management, provides greater visibility into aspects of performance factors such as profitability and potential issues, and meet industry-specific needs with functionality


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