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Webex Web and Mobile Systems CIS 207




Webex Web and Mobile Systems;Online collaboration and telepresence systems have increased the speed of business. Time and money spent for organizing, travelling, and lodging for meetings is greatly reduced when using a system, such as Webex. Mobile platforms, smaller computers, and wireless internet access makes online collaboration systems ideal for businesses of any size.;Description and Use of Webex;Webex is a system that allows users to communicate one-on-one, hold meetings, and share desktops from anywhere in the world. Cisco, the owners of Webex, says, ?You can do almost anything with WebEx that you can do in person, minus the travel time? (Cisco Webex, 2013). E-mail is one of the most common forms of communication used in businesses, but e-mails do not always get answered in a timely manner, and sometimes the person to contact may not be available to answer a phone call.


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