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CJA 204 Crime And Recidivism




The phenomenon of recidivism ? the tendency of former prisoners to relapse into a pattern of;criminal behavior upon release from prison, is confined neither to sensationally violent crimes or;even just violent criminals. It reaches all types of criminal behavior, from drug-related crimes to;property crimes to violent crimes. A study done in 2002 by the United States Department of;Justice (DOJ) examining recidivism of prisoners released in 1994 found that 67.5% of them were;rearrested within 3 years for a new offense (almost exclusively a felony or a serious;misdemeanor).;Other highlights from the report included that;? Within 3 years from their release in 1994;46.9% were reconvicted for a new crime;25.4% were resentenced to prison;51.8% were back in prison, serving time for a new prison sentence or for a technical;violation of their release, like failing a drug test, missing an appointment with their parole;officer, or being arrested for a new crime.;? Released prisoners with the


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