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CJA 214 Sir Robert Peel Review




Sir Robert Peel Review;Each new movement in American law enforcement it is presumed to be new, not relating to the past history from which it came, which is not the case. It is said that ?those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (Patterson, 1995-2010)?. Many may not have this knowledge, but Sir Robert Peel had an endeavoring impact on American policing and its history. Who is Sir Robert Peel? What is American policing and history? What is the impact he created on American policing and history? Law enforcement agencies and officers should read up on their history because it exposes the claims of community supporters and cautions about forgetting past lessons. ?It shows us that calls to change the way the police operate have been a constant theme from the very beginning of municipal policing (Patterson, 1995-2010)?.


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