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CJA 214 Policing in American society




Policing in American society;Policing policies are a set of fundamentals that act as an aid to set a limit on human infrastructure. ?The American system of policing is unique by world standards. There are approximately twenty thousand state and local police agencies in the United States? Furthermore, the majority of police agencies in the United States are only loosely connected to one another. Many have overlapping jurisdictions at multiple levels of government, including city or town, township, county, state, and federal agencies. The majority are general-purpose agencies with responsibility for patrolling a certain area, responding to calls from citizens, and investigating certain offenses (, 2011).? Though the American policing policies are still fairly new, it remains one of the most advanced in the world.;The U.S. government takes policing to a political level, where most ethical procedures do not matter much. Things are


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