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What is prisoner rehabilitation? What are the origins of prisoner rehabilitation?




What is prisoner rehabilitation?;Foster (2006) defines prisoner rehabilitation as something that inspires a positive change during confinement. Dependent on prison and era, prison rehabilitation has included drug rehabilitation, counseling, behavior modification, religious or social meetings, educational, vocational or adaptive strategy training (Foster, 2006). Notably, as well, federal prison adopted the medical model during the late 1950s through the early 1970s. Prisoner rehabilitation is a form of treatment. Treatment is when a plan is set forth to help a person. Since a prisoner has committed some type of crime, he or she will sometimes get a second chance. This second chance is known as rehabilitation and generally starts while in prison and continues upon being released. Rehabilitation is a way of getting the prisoner ready to go back out into the world as a new person free of the past in a way. Counseling, casework, and therapy are all types of


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