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CJA 314 Prison Term Policy Recommendation (APA Format with References)




Prison Term Policy Recommendation;Name;CJA/314;Date;Abstract;On November 05, 2011, the legislature will vote on a new bill. This bill will enforce tougher sentences, doubling the maximum prison term for those convicted of armed robbery. My boss, Senator James Mathias, Jr., feels this is a popular bill but is not sure the new tougher sentences will have much of an impact on the criminals breaking this law. In order to determine if this lengthy sentence will deter armed robbery, research will need to be done to determine why individuals commit armed robbery and if they will be deterred by a longer by the threat of a longer prison sentence. The research used will explain about armed robberies such as committed in banks and businesses, which have escalated in the past years. This paper will explain recommendations that I would make to make the new bill more effective in fighting the


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