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CJA 314 Criminal Data Comparison (APA Format with References)




Criminal Data Comparison;Name;CJA/314;Date;Abstract;Crime is everywhere and committed by all walks of life. It became apparent to police organizations that a program was needed to compile statistics were needed to know where the majority of crime was committed to help with surveillance and to help protect the citizens of metropolitan cities. In the late 1920?s the Uniform Crime Reporting Program became the first national measure of incidences of crime (The Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2011). It is used as a way to measure the effectiveness of police departments and to provide the police departments with the information meant to help them fight crime. This paper will explain the development of the Uniform Crime Report and how it is used to compare the murder rates between Washington DC and New York.;Criminal Data Comparison;In 1927, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (known as the IACP) started the Committee on


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