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CJA 334 Gathering Research Data ? 1100 words (APA Format + References)




Gathering Research Data;University;????????;CJA 334;Date;??????????;Abstract;This paper will explain how the police feel about their job performance, and how the community sees their performance. This paper will explain the type of interview I feel is most appropriate for this research, advantages of qualitative research, and the need for informed consent and confidentiality during research. The research will also show the partnership between the officers and how far the officers may be willing to go to protect their fellow officers. The goal of this paper is to show why police officers may act unethical through corruption and explain about the subculture of police departments that may lead to this corruption.;Gathering Research Data;Police officers are sworn to protect the community, arrest criminals, and deter crime. The responsibility they take when they become a police officer is tremendous. Not only are they responsible for their job performance, but they are


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