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CJA 344 Police corruption and Citizen Complaints Relative to Ethnicity (APA Format with References)




Police corruption and Citizen Complaints Relative to Ethnicity;On July 16, 2009, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. a Harvard professor was returning home from a trip to the Republic of China. Exiting the rented limousine the University provided from him, he approached the front door to his home. While struggling with the door trying to gain entrance to his home his driver proceeded to help by trying to force the door open. Police that were in the area proceeded to arrest Gates and spurned an investigation into police racial profiling and corruption toward minority groups alike (Staples, 2011).;While a person would like to think the police treat everyone the same, regardless of their ethnicity or race, police corruption occurs more often within these communities than what may believed. Perhaps, previous notions or ideals of a certain race or ethnic group


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