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CJA 354 Personal Crime Analysis Paper (APA Format with References) ?




In today?s society, there are many laws and rules that one must abide by. In this paper, I will briefly explain some of these laws, their definition and the statutes that define them. I will be discussing Homicides and the various types of, Assault and Battery, Mayhem, Rape and lastly, Statutory Rape. The material I will be using for the statues as the state defines them will be the ORC, or OHIO REVISED CODE book. I also will provide a case example and description of each.;Homicides;There are many forms of homicide that are within the laws of the states. Forms of homicide are that of murder and manslaughter as well as several types of homicide within itself. Homicides within itself are those such as reckless, negligent and vehicular.;Murder. Murder is the most serious type


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