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CJA 374 Crime Causation and Diversion




Crime Causation and Diversion;CJA/374;In today?s society, there are more and more juveniles getting involved in criminal activity. Low self-esteem, poor decision-making and communication skills, association with a negative peer group, and a dysfunctional family unit are some characteristics of delinquent youth creations (Extension Journal, Inc. 1993). With this being said, there are also many different types of juvenile diversion, intervention and prevention programs and resources available for these juvenile to help with rehabilitation. These programs are created to help the youth with criminal activity issues and help reduce to eliminate the rate of re-commitment of these crimes. Within this paper, the author will choose two programs from within the State of Ohio, explain how these programs work and the goals to help reduce juvenile crime and increase the rehabilitation rate. Also discussed will be the objectives and core beliefs of these programs as well as whom the key participants involved. Also


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