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Moe and Curly both drive delivery trucks for a freight company.




Moe and Curly both drive delivery trucks for a freight company. Both get speeding tickets during the same month, a serious violation of company policy. However, Moe receives only a verbal warning from the boss, while Curly receives a written letter of reprimand in his files and is told he will be fired the next time. Curly is very resentful, because he feels he has been treated unfairly. His attitude is best explained by________.;2.Clara hates getting up in the morning and going to her work as an insurance claims adjuster, because of the frequent hassles with persons submitting questionable claims, the fact that her boss never seems to back her up, and the low chance of ever getting promoted. Her attitude is best explained by the concept of ______.;3.Navy Lieutenant Smith has an essential job in a ship operations center, managing a constant flow of information from radar operators, undersea sonar detection results, computers and radio communications. He is constantly required to make sure that all personnel under his command understand the "big picture" and to explain what the flow of information means to his superior officer. This need to ensure that the information is interpreted and understood by all in real time is an example of the need for a ___model;Additional Requirements


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