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Control in an Organization Paper / Bureaucratic and Agile Organizations CJA 473




Control in an Organization;An organization can be managed by two different control systems, either bureaucratic, or agile. The bureaucratic organization is considered top-down control and agile organization is considered bottom-down control. The biggest difference between the two control systems is how the organizations are managed. The illusion of being in control can seem apparently realistic. In hierarchical organizations, managers give orders and the employees follow them, but giving orders is not the same as being in control. This paper will discuss the difference between bureaucratic and agile organizations (Whisenand & Ferguson, 2009).;Bureaucratic Organization;The bureaucratic or top-down organization has several formalized rules and regulations. Most law enforcement organizations are bureaucratic, and they are among the vital institutions in the nation because they not only supply employment opportunities for a large portion of the nation?s population. Also manages critical


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