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CJS 200 Week 6 Assignment The Effects of Punishment and Sentencing




The Effects of Punishment and Sentencing;The role of sentencing plays an integral part in the criminal justice system process because it is how criminals are punished. Punishing criminals serves two ultimate purposes and those purposes are: ?deserved infliction of suffering on evildoers? and ?the prevention of crime? (Professor Herbert Packer, 2006 Criminal Justice in Action: The Core). There are four basic philosophical reasons for sentencing and they are retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation.;Retribution is one of the oldest and common justifications for punishing someone. In a system that favors retribution, criminals who willing choose to break the rules of society must be punished for their actions. Retribution relies on the principle of just deserts, under the just dessert principle the punishment of a crime must be in proportion to the severity of the crime. Deterrence is the second philosophical reason for sentencing. This is a strategy of preventing


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