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CJS 200 Week 5 Check Point Responsibilities of State and Federal Courts




The court system today is separated into two different systems, the Federal Court System and the State Court System. The State Court System is broken down into several tiers. All states have a State Supreme Court similar to the United States Supreme Court which is sometimes called the court of final resort or as some call it supreme judicial court. The Intermediate Appellate Courts falls under the State Supreme court. The Intermediate Appellate Courts have several courts that reside under it, Probate Court is one those courts.;Probate Court is a special court that handles wills, administration of estates, and guardianship of minors. Another court that falls under Intermediate Appellate Court is the Municipal court which in most cities deals with less important cases. Then there is Domestic Relations Court also know as family court or juvenile court. The domestic court deals with cases in which children have committed crimes


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