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Unit 5 [MT499:Bachelor?s Capstone in Management];Assignment Details and Rubric;Please watch the technology video listed as Unit 5 Assignment video found in the Webliography tab;(at the top of your course page) before starting your assigned paper.;This assignment focuses on information management.;In a four to five page paper, address the following areas;Please explain how you will be utilizing technology to make your business more effective and efficient.;Explore the cloud technology concept.;Discuss the importance of information technology planning and control processes to protect confidential information and prevent major loss of information.;This section should address but not be limited to the following items;- Software packages you will use;- Networks- Internal/External- Cloud technology;- Hardware (PC/Laptop/Printer etc.);- Email/Instant messaging programs;- Web Site;- Disaster Recovery Plan;Assignment checklist;Determine the information technology used in the business.;Develop the information technology plan for managing and controlling information.;Evaluate your plan for managing and controlling information.;There are weaknesses in every plan. Make sure to point out any weaknesses and explain how you will address them.;When you are ready, you may submit your paper to the Assignment Dropbox. *Note, include your name in the file name of the Assignment.;Unit 5 [MT499:Bachelor?s Capstone in Management];Grading Rubric;Aspect;Percentage;Score;MT499 Assignment Criteria;of;assignment;Content;50%;Paper addresses all assignment requirements, indicates depth;Focus, Use;of knowledge about the topics and key areas, contains a clear;of;and concise introduction with a thesis statement, comprehension;body of paper, closing summary, and includes a minimum of;Research;three cited and referenced resources (APA 6th edition).;Analysis;30%;Analysis and critical thinking indicates optimal reasoning with a;and Critical;defined purpose, based on assumptions, writer?s point of view;Thinking;discusses the advantages and disadvantages, and uses data;information, and concepts/ideas to address the assignment;topics or key areas in the paper.;Writing;20%;The capstone uses the APA (6th edition) writing style using;Style;active voice, which is in third person and concisely written. The;Grammar;paper is free from incorrect punctuation, use of jargon/clich?s;incorrect grammar and mechanics, and is correctly formatted;APA;based on APA 6th edition guidelines.;Format;Total;100%;Points


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