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As your text states, anyone can put anything on the Web.




As your text states, anyone can put anything on the Web. To evaluate the quality of Web sites, we can think in terms of five criteria for evaluating the credibility of websites.;Authority;Accuracy;Objectivity;Currency;Coverage;1. Read this week?s Lecture section titled ?Evaluating Research Sources? for a review of these terms.;2. For our discussion, you will need to read the article, "Sleeping with the Enemy: Wikipedia in the College Classroom" by Cullen Chandler and Alison Gregory. For help finding this article, read ?Accessing DeVry Library Research Sources? in DocSharing Week 3.;3. Find the article, then download the full-text PDF or print it out.;4. Read the article carefully and critically (using the active reading strategies from Chapter 8, pp. ZZ-AA).;5. Go to and search for ?Wikipedia? to learn exactly what Wikipedia is.;6. Write a paragraph for your first discussion post in which you answer the following question: Why is Wikipedia acceptable as a quick reference but not for research?;Your post should include discussion of our five criteria (authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage) and should refer to the ?Sleeping with the Enemy? and ?Wikipedia? articles.


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