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Unit 7 Safe Assignment;Assignments submitted through this link will be checked using SafeAssign by Blackboard. Your work will not be used for any purpose other than preventing plagiarism in the University. Ownership of the intellectual property contained in your written work will not be transferred to any third party.;Please submit your paper as a Word Document.;If you have the 2010 version of Word, please save your paper in a previous version (Word 97-2003 document) as Safe Assign may not accept the most recent version.;Please submit answers to the link below no later than 11:59 PM Sunday at week's end.;Here is the fact pattern I want you to base your answer on;-You want the latest in mini laptop computers.;-You find what you need by searching on the Internet.;-The seller is in Taiwan.;-You negotiate a deal with the seller over the Internet and buy the computer.;-The seller agrees to ship you the computer by boat.;Answer this Question: (minimum 200 words, any format);What terms (words) would you insist be included in the Sales Contract so you would not bear the Risk of Loss?;Explain in detail why you use specific words and terms (i.e. compare and contrast).;Use the following to guide you;?My Lecture;??Risk of Loss? (Chapter 19, esp. pp. 516 ? 519);??Risk of Loss in International Sales?;End of Assignment;Note: Assignment grades will be determined as follows: 50% content, 30% analysis, and 20% organization and mechanics.


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