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Unit 3.1 DB: Writing Business Messages;Referring to your imaginary company's acquisition in Unit 2, refer to page 143 and choose two writing techniques. Write a substantial paragraph using each one to discuss an aspect of the acquisition. You can make up your own company and details.;Unit 3.2 DB: Distribution considerations;Refer back to the media recommendations you made in unit 2, discussion B. Please evaluate them in terms of the four issues highlighted on page 171, "Distributing your message.;Unit 4.1 DB: Messages for electronic media;Let's look more closely at blogging this week. Using your imaginary companies from last week, please talk about how you would incorporate a blog, using the 3-step process on p. 204.;Unit 4.2 DB: Positive and routine messages;To me, goodwill is that intangible that makes the world go round. With our overtasked lives, I'm not sure it is getting the attention it deserves.;For this discussion, please write a goodwill message to a client or a customer or a colleague. Refer to page 240 and put some detail into it. Thanks.


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