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Unit 5.1 DB: Negative messages;Tell us about a negative message you've received/observed at work or in an organizational setting (feedback? layoff? customer/client complaint? other?).;How was it handled? What was its effect on you? Co-workers? Customers? Was there some way it could have been handled better? Delve into it a bit.;By the way, check out this tidbit: Research Shows Rude Behavior at Work Is Increasing and Affects the Bottom Line;Unit 5.2 DB: Persuasive messages;Hello colleagues. The AIDA model piqued my interest because it relates to how I write as a journalist (and also because it is my mother's name, believe it or not). The checklist on page 315 (A through D) is helpful.;Please write a 4-line persuasive message relating to a new product or service from your imaginary businesses.;A - Get the reader's attention;I - Keep the reader's interest by explaining or expanding the 1st line;D - Whet their desire by telling them "what's in it for me?;A - Motivate them to take action;Unit 6.1 DB: Planning reports and proposals;Let's consider the "Yardstick Approach" (p. 353).;Before you decided to acquire the new business, you prepared an (imaginary) analytical report comparing two potential acquisitions.;Answer the following questions in one or two sentences about how you might have prepared for this report. Keep it simple, be creative.;Why were you looking to acquire another business?;What industry or economic trends did you consider?;What 2 companies were you evaluating as possible acquisitions?;What criteria did you use to evaluate (and compare) your potential acquisitions? (Make a list - this is the yardstick);Make a recommendation, using the 5 steps on pp. 352-353.;Unit 6.2 DB: Incorporating visuals;Referring back to your imaginary analytical reports on this week's Discussion A, what types of visuals did you use in this document?;See Figure 12.8 on page 384. Pick at least one choice from the data visuals and one from the info/concepts/ideas visuals.;Why did you choose these and what did they illustrate? Please put some detail into your answers.


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