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Unit 7.1 DB: Formal reports;Chapter 13 presented a formal report (pp. 413-27). What did you think of it? What did you like or not like about it? What could be better? Am interested in your thoughts. As always, I want some analysis.;Unit 7.2 DB: Oral presentations;Let's pretend you'll be giving an oral presentation related to your imaginary business. You can choose the topic and the audience.;Refer to Table 14.1 on p. 454 and discuss the 6 bullet points related to predicting the audience's probable reaction.;Unit 8 DB: Who are you?;Refer to page 532 (528 in the 11th edition) and answer the question "Tell me something about yourself" - as if you were being asked in a job interview.;Think about these questions;What kind of worker are you?;What are your best skills?;What are your major accomplishments?;What motivates you?


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