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POST BUS311 unit 5 Memorandum: writing a negative message




Memorandum: writing a negative message;Write a substantive negative message using the indirect approach that includes the 4 components illustrated in Figure 9 on page 256 and detailed in pp. 259-62. You can use a scenario from your imaginary businesses if you'd like. Remember to break up large paragraphs to improve "digestibility.;See the text on page 256 for guidance in determining an appropriate scenario. Refer to Table 9.2 on page 260 for types of buffer statements. It may be helpful to review paragraph types on page 143.;This assessment is worth 30 points. I will be looking at;Analysis, clarity of writing (10 points);Use of negative writing techniques (15 points);Spelling, grammar and typos (5 points);This is due Monday at noon (September 29, 2014)


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