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Please answer the questions attached in excel files.




Please answer the questions attached in excel files. All calculations should have the formula.;the grade will be based in the formula or excel financial function that you use in your work;Attachments Preview;Chp03_sho.pdf;Slide 1;Chapter 3;Principles of;Corporate Finance;Tenth Edition;Valuing Bonds;Slides... Show more;Chp05_sho.pdf;Slide 1;Principles of;Corporate Finance;Chapter 5;Tenth Edition;Net Present Value;and Other;Investment Criteria... Show more;Chp06_sho.pdf;Slide 1;Chapter 6;Principles of;Corporate Finance;Tenth Edition;Making Investment;Decisions With the;Net Present Value... Show more;Chp08_sho.pdf;Slide 1;Chapter 8;Principles of;Corporate Finance;Tenth Edition;Portfolio Theory;and the Capital;Asset Model;Pricing... Show more;Chp09_sho.pdf;Slide 1;Chapter 9;Principles of;Corporate Finance;Tenth Edition;Risk and the Cost;of Capital... Show more;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: please do not forget answer with formula and excel functions. Thanks


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