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(Pro forma balance sheet construction)




(Pro forma balance sheet construction) Use the following industry average ratios, to construct a pro forma balance sheet for Carlos Menza, Inc.;Total asset turnover 1.5 times;Average collection period (assume a 365-day year) 9.4 days;Fixed asset turnover 4.8 times;Inventory turnover (based on cost of goods sold) 2.9 times;Current ratio 2.4 times;Sales (all on credit) $3.73 million;Cost of goods sold 80% of sales;Debt ratio 51%;The company?s cost of goods sold is $_____. Round to the nearest dollar.;The company?s total assets are $________. Round to the nearest dollar.;The company?s fixed assets are $_______.;The company?s accounts receivable is$_____.;The company?s inventories are $_______.;The company?s current liabilities are $_____.;The company?s total liabilities are $_____.;Complete Carlos Menza?s balance sheet below: (round to the nearest dollar);Cash _____ Current liabilities;Accounts receivable _____ Long-term debt;Inventory _____ Total Liabilities;Net fixed assets _____ Common equity;Total $ _____ Total $;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Work in excel


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