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Behavioral genetics of individua




Discuss the behavioral genetics of individual differences, being sure to focus on common misunderstandings about heritability estimates.;Two brain structures have been most frequently linked to human emotion. Which are they? Describe research that has implicated each in human emotion.;Explain color constancy. What important points does it make about the mechanisms of color vision? Describe a theory of color vision that can explain color constancy, focusing on the evidence that led to the theory.;Compare set-point and positive-incentive theories of hunger and eating. Compare their ability to predict two major research findings;Describe and discuss sexual dimorphisms of the mammalian brain. How do they develop? Include cyclic gonadotropin release, the sexually dimorphic nucleus, and the aromatization hypothesis in your answer.;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: This is for a midterm. Additionally, there must be two substantive paragraphs for each question at a minimum of 300 words for the paragraphs combined. Please cite sources!


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