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The following information was taken from the financial statements of Finn Resources Inc. for December 31 of the current fiscal year: Common stock $20 par value (no change during the year) $5,000,000 Preferred $10 stock, $40 par (no change during the year) 800,000 The net income was $600,000 and the declared dividends on the common stock were $125,000 for the current year. The market price of the common stock is $20 per share. For the common stock, determine (a) the earnings per share, (b) the price-earnings ratio, (c) the dividends per share, and (d) the dividend yield. Round answers to one decimal place, except for dollar amounts which should be rounded to the nearest cent. a. Earnings per Share: $ b. Price-Earnings Ratio: c. Dividends per Share: $ d. Dividend Yield:%,For some reason I'm still having problems with A. $2.4 per share,This is what I got for A. Incorrect. Earnings per share is a profitability ratio that is computed by subtracting the annual preferred stock dividend from net income, and then dividing the result by the number of shares of common stock that were outstanding during the year.,Thanks that worked!!!,Where do I do that at on the website?


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