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Self-Reflection-Self-reflection is not only required to be separately submitted to Assignment Minde




Self-Reflection?(6 marks);Self-reflection is not only required to be separately submitted to Assignment Minder but is also required to be submitted through QUT?s SafeAssign.;In terms of Assignment Minder, please make sure you use the correct Part 4 Assignment Minder Cover Sheet.;Throughout the semester, you were required to solve problems relating to various clients of a public accounting firm. In order to do this, you have been questioning the client about the various facts that relate to their particular situation.;Using your experiences during the semester, you are now required to reflect on the skill of questioning in a public accounting firm.Using appropriate references to theory and literature to back up your opinions and arguments;a.Do you agree that questioning is an important and useful skill for a professional accounting advisor to have? Why?;[3 marks];b.Assuming that you now have a job as a graduate accountant, how will you prepare for your first interview with a client? What might work and why? Will questioning be useful in other areas besides interviewing clients and if so, how will this be of benefit?;[3 marks];Wherever possible, you must use theory and literature to support your views. You must also use the APA referencing style and have a list of references at the end. You should have a total ofat least 4 relevant and reliable references in order to critically reflect on these questions.;Your writing must be in the first person, that is, you must write using the word?I?, as in?I believe??,?I disagree with?.?,?In future, I will??. This is very important as this assessment is a self-reflection so you must express your critical views and opinions on these issues.;It is also important to note that on completion of this unit, you will probably be graduating and entering the accounting profession. Your writing must reflect this with appropriate structuring and correct use of grammar and spelling. Please include a list of references at the end of the document.;You must use 11 point Arial font with 1.5 line spacing. Make sure each of your responses is clearly labelled.The maximum number of words is 750.


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