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Couple questions about psy;1. Prozac and cocaine affect different neurotransmitters, but they achieve their effects through the same mechanism of action. What is that mechanism?;A. Both drugs block GABA.;B. Both drugs mimic GABA.;C. Both drugs block the reuptake of certain neurotransmitters.;D. Both drugs occupy the receptor sites for opiates.;2. The evolutionary perspective helps explain why the most common phobias are fears of;A) wooden ducks, blocks, or curtains.;B) foods that have been paired with illness cues.;C) spiders, snakes, and heights.;D) mushrooms and flowers.;3. Six-year-old Blair liked going to the 1st grade right up until her teacher, Ms. Hanemayer, took maternity leave. The substitute teacher, old Mrs. Snarly, was strict and scolded Blair on several occasions, making her cry. On one Saturday morning as Blair was helping her father with grocery shopping, she rounded the corner and came face to face with old Mrs. Snarly. Blair instantly burst into tears. For Blair, Mrs. Snarly in the grocery store is an example of;A) a conditioned stimulus.;B) an unconditioned response.;C) an unconditioned stimulus.;D) a conditioned response.;4. Whenever Kim and Russ make love, they always play Ravel's classic instrumental work ?Bol?ro? in the background. One day, as Kim is walking past a music appreciation class, she realizes that the class is listening to Ravel's ?Bol?ro.? As she continues to walk down the hall, she smiles to herself as erotic thoughts of Russ cross her mind. Which of the following best represents the unconditioned stimulus in this example?;A) the sound of Ravel's ?Bol?ro?;B) intimate physical contact with her partner;C) sexual arousal in response to her partner;D) sexual arousal in response to the song ?Bol?ro?;5. According to Bandura, what four cognitive processes are necessary for imitation of behavior that has been only observed?;A) attention, reinforcement, motivation, ability;B) attention, memory, ability to perform the behavior, motivation;C) reinforcement, discriminative stimulus, motivation, ability to perform the behavior;D) operant, reinforcement, discriminative stimulus, consequence;62. Describe three qualities that characterize critical thinking.;63. How does alcohol affect the body and psychological functioning?;64. What are the key structures and functions of the limbic system?


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