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Theoretical perspectives, and scientific research




apply the sociological imagination, theoretical perspectives, and scientific research to uncover patterns of social behavior.;identify the different ways society is stratified and develop awareness of how inequality is perpetuated in society.;describe the process of social change and its impact on the individual and society.;Please review the following website for information about social movements;Requirements;Select any type of collective action (e.g., riots, panics) or social movement (e.g., civil rights, animal rights, environmental rights) of interest to you. Prepare a 3to 5-page description of the collective action or social movement, and also provide a sociological explanation of your selected action or movement. In your paper, include the sociological terms, theories, and/or research that you think apply, and explain how these apply.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 3;Max Pages: 5;Level of Detail: Show all work


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