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Hello i would like someone to help me with this homework please. Thanks;Subject: Different perspectives;In this assignment you will assess the acquisition and maintenance of your habit using the following four psychological perspectives;Humanistic;Psychodynamic;Neuroscience;Cognitive;You will be expected to describe why you developed this habit, what purpose having this habit serves in your life, and how you will break this habit ? according to each perspective. You will need to use at least 3 concepts from each perspective to support your answer.;Here's an example of an answer for this assignment. Please note that this example is not fully developed, it is intended to provide you with an overall direction for this assignment.;Example;Identified habit;Nervous laughter in inappropriate times;Why this habit developed and how is it reinforced;Behavioral (from LP4 Assignment): behavior was positively reinforced with gaining attention from the mother whenever nervous laughter was displayed.;Humanistic: esteem needs are not being met, feeling insignificant around other people, attempt to fulfill belonging needs;Psychodynamic: unconscious need for attention, superego's reaction when uncomfortable with conversation, defense mechanism;Neuroscience: family trait (heritability), mother and sister exhibit same behavior;Cognitive: interpret nervous laughter as exhibiting happy/fun personality traits instead of annoying, interpret the attention gained from nervous laughter as showing acceptance with others;Type your responses in a Word documen;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Please follow the instructions.step by step. thanks


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