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Control Requirement: In which of the following ind...




Control Requirement: In which of the following independent situations is the Sec. 351 control requirement met? A) Pete transfers property to Target Corp. for 60% of Target stock, and Robert transfers property worth $15,000 and performs services worth $25,000 for the remaining 40% of stock. B) Herb and his wife, Wilma, each have owned 50 of the 100 outstanding shares of Vast Corporation stock since it was formed three years ago. In the current year, their son, Sam, transfers property to Vast for 50 newly issued shares of Vast. C) Charles and Ruth develop a plan to form Tiny Corp. On June 3 of this year, Charles transfers property worth $50,000 for 50 shares of Tiny Stock. On Aug 1, Ruth transfers $50,000 cash for 50 shares of Tiny stock. D) Assume the same facts as in part C except that Charles has a prearranged plan to sell 30 of his shares to Sam on Oct 1.,Thank you.


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