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Conditioning from your life experience




Provide a real life example of classical conditioning from your life experience. Be sure to label the different components of classical conditioning in your example, namely;Neutral Stimulus (NS);Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS);Unconditioned Response (UCR);Conditioned Stimulus (CS);Conditioned Response (CR);Growing up in Puerto Rico was a blessing and a treat, as I look back today at my childhood I find that I had a very adventurous though strict upbringing. My mother was a single parent, my father was always away traveling the world serving his country. Back then mothers? were not allowed to travel with their spouses, so my sister and I were quite happy just the way we were. My mom would take us to El Morro, San Juan, which is a castle, we would run through it like crazy and have fun. She would also take us to the beach and best she would take us to this little bakery in San Juan that I hated. My mom would always tell us to use the bathroom in the bakery before we left for the park but I would scream my head off because the door to the bathroom was made out of a ?casket:? and I would pee on myself, I was so full of fear that I could not walk through those doors. And this was on a weekly basis that I peed on myself. I was so conditioned that if I saw a casket I would pee on myself automatically. I had to go into counseling to get over my fear(s). The last time I remember peeing on myself was when I was twelve years old at my uncle?s funeral and that was the end of my peeing session. To date I only attend immediate family funerals?, i.e. mother, father, brother, sister, etc. etc.


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