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Hi I have One Case about internal auditing ... The...




Hi I have One Case about internal auditing ... There a questions about the case it is 9 questions .. but I want uyou answer just 2 question which is the easier question in the case A and B .. And also choose any other letters such as C or I or any easy one .... I attached you the question and the case the first page in Case is missing I will attachch it after 40 mints .......... Also i attch it you some material which is help you to read it about the case,Hi this is the rest of the case i sent you please see the attachment,Hi this is the rest of the case i sent you please see the attachment,Please let me know as soon as possible just need to answer A and B .. it is really not much .. But try to make it easy to understand .... If you want I can send you the material so it helped to answer the question in the case Thanks,Thanks,please let me know about my assignment .. It is just 2 questions from the case ... Hope u r accepted . Thanks,Hi see the attachment it include the material for the case really it helps to answer the case,also see this attachment,And this attachment,see the attachment,Thank u so much,Hi sir , As you did letter A and B could you please do letter i ... It is recommendation ... The professor asked me to do it ... Please try your best to do it as soon as possible ... It was due on Sunday 11 pm .. But he wants tomorrow which Tuesday 27 September 2011 before the class which is 4 pm Eastern time ( Indiana State ) . See the attachment,Please try to do it before 4 pm ,,, my class will start at 5 pm Tuesday 27. Thank u so much,No it is not new .. you Answer letter A and B ... I would like you to Answer letter i Please .... it is due after 11 hours ..please try to help see the attachment for letter i please i- based on your observation and opinion of the potential effectiveness of current risk responses activities to address risk in the critical process you selected, create recommendation to mitigate the existing risk and improve performance Thanks,please help me to answer letter i .... I did 4 assignments with you and i will do more ,,, It is due on 4 pm today Tuesday . Thanks,Again thank you and I am sorry for asking again for me question Have nice day


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