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Sexual harrasment




In 2 pages (not including the cover page), respond to the Case Study 2 on page 135 in the textbook. Make sure you are thoroughly responding to the questions in paragraph form.;(AROUND 500 WORDS. IF PROVIDED MORE I WILL GIVE TIPS);This is the link of the study case: affections: Discharge for sexual Harrassment&f=false;1. Evaluate the conduct of peter Lewiston against the EEOC's definition of sexual harassment?;2. Should the intent or motive behind Lewiston?s conduct be considered when deciding sexual harassment activities? Explain.;3. If you were the district's EEOC officer, what would you conclude? What disciplinary action, if any, would you take?;Thanks!;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Max Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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