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According to Bowlby and Ainsworth, what type of adult attachment style




According to Bowlby and Ainsworth, what type of adult attachment style;does Justin appear to have? Angela? Explain.;2. According to attachment theory, how does childhood attachment style;influence adult attachment style and adult relationships?;3. According to Bowlby and Ainsworth, what is the cause of Justin?s malad-;justed attachment style? What caused Angela?s attachment style?;A ngela is about to break up with Justin after being in a relationship with him;for five months. They met in college but their hometowns are in different;states. They didn?t have classes together. Instead, they met on a social network-;ing site. She met him through one of her online friends and thought he looked;cute in his photos on the site, so she contacted him. That is one of the great;things about social networking sites according to Angela: Someone can meet;another person that you normally wouldn?t meet and start up a new friendship;or relationship. She has met some really interesting people that way. In this case;Angela and Justin met online but eventually arranged to meet face-to-face once;they found out they attended the same college. They met over lunch and;seemed to hit it off. They started dating, and Angela thought Justin seemed;sweet. He was eager to please and typically let Angela decide what to do on;their dates. When they disagreed on what to do, Justin typically gave in to;Angela?s wishes. For example, one time they had agreed to go to a movie but;when they arrived at the movie theater, both of them thought they were going;to see different features. Justin told Angela that they could see the movie she;wanted and that he?d see the other movie some other time.;Justin and Angela had been seeing each other for 10 weeks when the;semester ended, and it was time to move back to their families? homes for the;summer. That was the only time that Angela had met Justin?s parents, and she;was struck by just how different his parents were from hers. Justin?s parents;seemed cold and distant. They didn?t seem excited to see him even though;they hadn?t seen him in four months. They interacted minimally with him;loaded up the car with Justin?s belongings, and took off. Angela?s parents, on;the other hand, were eager to see their daughter again This was evident in the;way their faces lit up when they first saw her and in the hugs and kisses they;gave her when she greeted them. There weren?t any hugs and kisses when;Justin greeted his parents.;They were both sad to have to leave each other but each had summer jobs;in their hometowns, they needed to work in order to pay for college the follow-;ing year. They promised to talk on the phone and chat over the Internet and;video conference. They also hoped to get together over the summer once or;twice. Justin seemed more upset about their impending separation than Angela.;He seemed close to tears and confessed that he was afraid that she would forget;about him over the summer. She tried to reassure him but he didn?t seem con-;vinced. Eventually, they had to leave each other and go in different directions;promising each other that they would call on the road if they got the chance;and, certainly, as soon as they got home.;Justin did indeed call Angela as soon as he got home. In fact, Angela was;surprised at how soon he called because even though she had already arrived at;her location also, she was busy catching up with her family about her life and;theirs. Justin also called later that night just to say ?good night.? This pattern of;calling each day at least twice continued for the next two weeks. Additionally;Justin suggested that they video conference because ?he missed seeing her face.?;She agreed to the video conferencing because she liked the idea of seeing him;also but then the hour video conferencing every couple of days became an;everyday occurrence, along with the phone calls, and the hour video conferenc-;ing everyday became two hours everyday, in addition to the phone calls. At first;the attention Justin gave Angela was flattering, but eventually it started to wear;on her. She explained to him that she didn?t have that much time to spend on;video conferencing but Justin was hurt and claimed that she didn?t really love;him. She tried to reassure him that she was just busy but their conversations;ended on a strained note. The next day, when Angela was on her social net-;working site with her friends, Justin messaged her and said he wanted to talk.;Angela was a little annoyed because between her work schedule, spending time;with her family, and talking to Justin, she had very little time to spend with her;friends, but she accepted because she wanted to clear the air with Justin. Instead;the conversation turned into another argument with Justin accusing Angela of;cheating on him. She denied it, explaining her busy schedule but again he;seemed unconvinced. Justin agreed to give Angela some space. The next day;he sent her flowers apologizing for his behavior but Angela was still annoyed.;The space Justin promised Angela lasted only a week. Eventually Justin started;becoming demanding again. He texted her several times a day and became;angry when she didn?t text him back. He left messages on her cell phone when;she didn?t take his calls. Sometimes the messages were angry and accusatory;sometimes they were depressing, with him crying about how she didn?t love;him anymore. Angela is fed up with Justin?s jealousy and clingy behavior. She;feels smothered by his demanding nature and overwhelmed by his neediness.;She thinks the best thing to do is to end the relationship.


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