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How would you describe Sunset Boards' cash flows for 2010?




How would you describe Sunset Boards' cash flows for 2010? Write a brief discussion.;In light of your discussion in the previous question what do you think about Tad's expansion plans?;Attachment Preview;Sunset Boards Cash Flow 2010 surfboards in Malibu.docx;Sunset Boards is a small company that manufactures and sells surfboards in Malibu.;Tad Marks, the founder of the company, is in charge of the design and sale of the;surfboards, but his background is in surfing, not business. As a result, the company's;financial records are not well maintained.;The initial investment in Sunset Boards was provided by Tad and his friends and family.;Because the initial investment was relatively small, and the company has made;surfboards only for its own store, the investors haven't required detailed financial;statements from Tad. But thanks to word of mouth among professional surfers, sales;have picked up recently, and Tad is considering a major expansion. His plans include;opening another surfboard store in Hawaii, as well as supplying his "sticks" (surfer lingo;for boards) to other sellers.;Tad's expansion plans require a significant investment, which he plans to finance with a;combination of additional funds from outsiders plus some money borrowed from banks.;Naturally, the new investors and creditors require more organized and detailed financial;statements than Tad has previously prepared. At the urging of his investors, Tad has;hired financial analyst Paula Wolfe to evaluate the performance of the company over the;past year. After rooting through old bank statements, sales receipts, tax returns, and;other records, Paula has assembled the following information


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