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M4A1: Paper 2: The Individual Experience




M4A1: Paper 2: The Individual Experience;Instructions. The focus is on people?s experiences with treatments for the condition you are researching, including decision-making and engagement with treatment, as well as the stigmatizing or disparate influences on people?s life experiences.;Describe common treatments for the condition. Be sure to include any chronic disease self-management practices.;What resources are available to individuals to aid in their decision-making processes?;What are some of the challenges individuals may face in adapting to the condition in total (the illness itself, treatments, lifestyle changes, etc.)?;Describe any influences of stigma, especially the influence of stigma on health outcomes for different groups.;Talk about the impact of stigma and health disparities on the psychosocial adjustment to living with a chronic condition. Please include influences at the point of diagnosis and subsequent influences as the condition persists over time.;Your paper should be 3-4 pages double spaced. All references and citations must be in APA 6 format. Be sure to organize your paper in paragraphs, to spell and grammar check, and to use headings where appropriate to organize your thoughts. Your paper must be uploaded as a.doc,.docx, or.rtf file.


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